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Temporary Pool Service

Time Out Pool Service

Are you going on vacation? Just had surgery or are you on bed rest?
Don't let your pool go green on you!
Let us take care of the maintenance while you're gone or healing.
When you are again able, you will have turned over to you, a sparkling clean pool.


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Our Services

"We manage residential pools of all sizes"

Our Pool Maintenance Program - Weekly, Vacations (Time Out Pool Service)

All rates quoted* are inclusive of all chemicals needed to carry out routine maintenance, unless otherwise specified, which is rare.

HO With each maintenance visit we:

Additional Swimming Pool Services

In addition to the services listed above, we also do minor repairs on most equipment.

Real Estate Agents! Home Buyers! Home Sellers!

We offer pool inspections. Need a second opinion?
Call today! 281-488-POOL

Pool School

For the client that wants to learn their equipment or just become a little more familiar with it. We will set up an appointment to come out and show you, teach you about your system, all its components, how it all works. We will teach you the basics of water chemistry as well as what can go wrong as a result of not having your water properly balanced.

Reconstruction & Remodeling

We offer all types of reconstruction and remodeling including - Resurfacing, Tile Installation, Coping and Deck Work (including flagstone and mosaic), Skimmer Replacement, Leak Repairs, PVC Repairs and Re-Plumbing.

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*In the state of Texas, services are taxable (such as maid, lawn or pool services). Labor, however, is not taxable.
** Not licensed to do electrical work in the state of Texas.